What happens to all the material, which incurred as leftovers or returns from clothing production? Yes, normally they debark in a shredder someday. They get destroyed, that is their fate.

The team of DIESEL Germany decided that this is a disgrace in our times and created a project called Bling For Good, which helps these materials to survive. With the aid of young jewelry designers, DIESEL hosts Bling for Good workshops in Berlin, Duesseldorf and soon in Hamburg where it is shown, how to create individual pieces of jewelry from old DIESEL materials as T-shirts, rivets and zippers.

Not enough at the same time, the created Bling For Good jewelry will contribute a good cause in the context of the Bling For Good charity project. All proceeds go to the Only The Brave Foundation. Founded in 2008, the Foundation has invested in over 100 projects by now, from which more than 40.000 people are benefiting directly. It is their aim to fight against poverty in Africa.

The unique pieces of jewelry will be sold from October 8th, 2012 onwards in selected Diesel Stores in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and Munich and through etsy.com.

If you are now inspired to design your own jewelry pieces, please check our

Diesel Charity Project - Bling For Good Tutorial 1

Diesel Charity Project - Bling For Good Tutorial 2